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Markus Kompp

SV Waldhof Mannheim 07 Spielbetriebs GmbH

The positioning workshop with Uwe Gesink was a huge win for us and our employees.

It was extremely important to get out of everyday work and to look at our daily way of working with a little distance. From A for unique selling points to Z for target group: In three extremely productive days, we took a close look at everything.

We had many amazing Aha-experiences. It’s just great what you find out when you deal intensively with the topic of positioning. Now we have a clear strategy for the future. Now we know exactly which levers we can use to inspire fans and sponsors even more for SV Waldhof Mannheim in the future. We say thank you for the exciting, insightful positioning workshop and look forward to further cooperation with Uwe Gesink, who will actively support us and his team in implementing our repositioning.

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