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Tilo Heinze

Head of sales
Fujikura Europe Ltd.

With Gesink, the customer brings the maximum performance to the road

I personally have very positive experiences with the company Gesink and individual employees from history. Hence the recommendation to the group to organize joint fairs.

It is worth highlighting the rapid implementation of our ideas and, above all, the active contribution of the own experiences of the trade fair professionals at Gesink. This ensures that the result is practicable and high-quality. Gesink is very familiar with the solutions we manufacture and market. This makes the whole thing extremely comfortable for us.

At Gesink, the customer is taken by the hand to bring the maximum performance to the road.

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Our business areas
  • Gesink trade fair agency
    Trade fair agency, design and construction
  • Gesink advertising agency
    Communication and branding
  • Gesink Positioning
    Positioning strategies for your success
  • Gesink Care
    High-quality disinfection and hygiene products
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